In Italfly we have full developed the APR segment; from trainings to services for companies and private.
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UAV - Propedeutical course

This training course * is designed for those who have already obtained the APR certificate with the ENAC online theoretical exam. In Italfly we have prepared an "ad hoc" course aimed at accompanying the APR pilot to operate safely in Non-Critical Scenarios.

* the course does not issue any aeronautical certification, but only a certificate of participation in training activities.

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UAV - CRO critical operations

Italfly Academy is an ENAC certified school for the qualifying course for piloting the APR of 250 gr. to 25 kg. in Critical Scenarios.

The path for obtaining the APR CRO certificate is divided into two parts:
- Theoretical course: 10 hours of lessons with certified instructors + theoretical exam
- Practical course: about 5 hours of flight activity with certified instructors + practical skill test.

For the practical part, flight missions must be agreed with Italfly Academy.

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Course of aereal photogrammetry

The course includes application examples and flight schedulations.

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Course for cableway control

Formation of a professional for performing safety routine checks on cableway installations, for example the alignment of cables and rollers suspended for scheduled mainteinance or controls after unpredictable weather events.

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Specific course for search and rescue

The course includes application examples and planning of major flights.

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In Italfly we provide technical staff to perform professional analysis and monitoring services: inspection of buildings, construction sites, infrastructures, electric pylons, wind generators, film shooting...

The services are:
- Restitution of geometric and photographic status with high definition
- Calculation and processing of volumetric and surface data
- 3D models and maps with Cloude service
- Visualization in a clear and well.defined 3D area
- Misurable 3D models
- High resolution images of the entire area
- Possibility of intervention 24/7 in any weather condition (IP43)
- Millimetric precision in photographic restitution
- Monitoring and analysis in conditions of utmost urgency
- Periodic and dedicated monitoring on specific areas with database creation
- High resolution image acquisition
- Archive with access to the documentation and the model that can be inspected with a possible evaluation in progress of the actual situation

We guarantee high levels of safety sue to internal safety systemsSpecific training and dedicated hardware allow us to reach high standards of safety and quality of work, even in potentially problematic operating conditions.

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We offer costumized advice for special operations where professional experience may be request.
We also provide consultancy and assistance for the purchase of goods.

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