The simulator Elite S723T is a FNPT II MCC, certified for training for PPL and CPL

Courses on flight simulator
On Italfly Academy Simulator you can act the first 40 hours of instruction for the course IR, before beginning the training on a certified helicopter.
The courses IRI can be carried out entirely on the Simulator as well as the final exam with the FIE.
The MCC courses for helicopter pilots can be performed on this type of device, the use of the Simulator allows the achievement of the highest standards of preparation, according to the training programs of the schools or the SOP of the operators.
Theoretical courses, will be managed at our Academy in Trento.
The classroom is equipped with interactive whiteboard, where it is possible to project all the books and handouts, with interactive possibilities for the instructor.
The practical activity and the availability of the simulator must be booked at the planning office of Italfly Academy, which will schedule the training sessions.

Training with simulator
The instructor through the IOS can set up different scenarios, configurations of the helicopter, weather events and failures. The two screens used for setting, depict the parameters used at the time and the map with real vision and current flight profile.
Each instructor must attend a familiarization course of a day that includes 3 hours of classroom to standardize the procedures of the operator and 3 hours simulation to know all the ways to use the system. The course is held by the Technical Manager of Italfly Academy who is in charge of the simulator.