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Pilots Stories

The engine is the heart of a helicopter, but the pilot is its soul

We want to tell you a good story, indeed many beautiful stories of pilots who grew up or who have spent several years of their career in Italfly: someone is now instructor in Italfly Academy, others became pilots of airlines and deals with public transport, some perform aerial work and others became pilots of the rescue...

I studied in Italfly and today I am instructor in the Academy.
Since I was a child I dreamed to fly and now I can also teach you to do so.
Italfly for me is not just work, it's part of my life!

Francesco Baroni, Italfly Instructor

Italfly was the beginning of my training: I was part of the 1st ATPL course in Italfly and since there I never stopped.
After being in Africa making air control of the oil pipelines, then I worked in Air Walser doing geomagnetic surveys and today I am a working pilot.

From the hotelerie to the world of flight, I was born into a family of hoteliers but since I was a child I dreamed of flying.
During my training in Italfly I was devided between the hotel kitchen and flight hours, which even today I do when I get home in Trentino!
After earning a commercial pilot license, I had the opportunity to discover Africa doing Geomagnetic surveys piloting a Lama, after that I made a season as a pilot to fire fighting core, then I started working in a company that carries out aerial work in Abudabi, this is my job now.

Davide Broseghini, Pilot in Abudabi

For me Italfly was part of a growth path.
After obtaining the pilot license and attending the ITAER in Forli, I was an instructor in the flight Academy,
Today I am an helicopter pilot of the province of Trento and my experience in Italfly it is useful to me every day to best perform my job.

Marco Cosentino, Helicopter Pilot - province of Trento

Mountain is my natural habitat and I must say that I'm really lucky to do my job in the Dolomites.
I started my journey in Italfly and after obtaining the pilot license I had the opportunity to specialize for the aerial workr.
Today I am happy to be an helicopter pilot of the province of Trento.

Fabrizio Degol, Helicopter Pilot - province of Trento

My pilot career began in Italfly, when I got the pilot license.
After doing the pilot for aerial shots, I returned to Italfly Academy where, for a while I made the flight instructor.
I must say that after a few years, I managed to get the job of my dreams: today I am an INAER Aviation pilotin Italy.

Lucio Ferrazza, INAER Aviation pilot

It all started with the commercial pilot license in Italfly, from then on I was able to build my career:I was helicopter instructor, corporate pilot and today I am director of the operation in Hoverfly Executive Helicopter Service.

Stefano Lazzarini, Corporate Pilot

"My life has always been in the air!", this is exactly the phrase that describes me; from the pilot license in Italfly, I became an instructor in EliTop.
Then I left for Spain, where I worked as a pilot of the helicopter INAER; back in Italy I worked with Elilombarda before returning to INAER Aviation Ital, again as a rescue pilot.

Anna Mazzi, INAER Aviation Pilot

I grew up in Italfly but I think that this sentence does not make the whole idea of the time that I spent in the hangar initially, then in the classrooms, on flight, to finally get to sit at the desk sometimes:
from apprentice mechanic to pilot, from instructor in the academy to CEO of Italfly.
For the future? Keep an eye on Italfly, you will hear about our Academy for a long time!

Luca Nabacino, CEO Italfly

I was born in the mountains of Val d'Ossola, I grew up listening to the unmistakable sound of the "Lama" and with a great passion for helicopters, so I began at first with the radio-controlled helicopters and then I decided to get the private pilot license in Milan.
The passion for this world has led me to move oversea, in California, where I obtained the commercial pilot license and I worked doing traffic control for radio in Los Angeles.
Back in Italy I got the Italian commercial license in Italfly, where I then worked as a pilot of aerial photography and later as Academy instructor.
After the experience in Italfly I worked as a corporate pilot and aerial work; since 2008 I am an helicopter pilot of the Province of Trento and aI am happy to be part of a team of true professionals.

Matteo Pirazzi, Helicopter Pilot - province of Trento

I know Italfly because I was an helicopter instructor inside the flight Academy.
I grew up in the mountains of Trentino Alto Adige but today I work in the valley; I am an helicopter pilot in INAER Aviation Italy, with Lucio.

Hannes Romen, INAER Aviation Pilot

The mountain aerial work is my natural environment.
Once I obtained the pilot license in Italfly, I had the opportunity to gain experience in Trentino, from the Dolomites I went up in Nepal to the Everest base camps.
Today I am an helicopter pilot of the Province of Trento.

Piergiorgio Rosati, Helicopter Pilot - province of Trento

From the pilot license in Italfly to helicopter pilot of the Province of Trento, I could not hope for more for my career.
Being a pilot is always been my dream and my greatest satisfaction is to be able to achieve it, by studying and by engaging in aerial work in the mountains of Trentino.

Ciro Valentini, Helicopter Pilot - province of Trento

I approached the world of flight thanks to the passion that my father had for the free flight; when he began to hang gliding I started first with gliding and soon decided to devote myself to the free flight.
From the pilot license in ItalflyI started a professional journey of many years of hard work and constant professional growth, largely out of the Trentino.
Today I am a pilot and the safety manager of the helicopters nucleus of the Province of Trento and I am happy to be part of a team of excellent professionals.

Elvira Widman, Helicopter Pilot province of Trento - Safety manager