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Private Pilot License

Private Pilot License <br>(PPL)<br> WITH FINANCING

You may obtain financing and learn to fly with Italfly

With the Private Pilot License for helicopter and airplane you can fly to transport passengers for tourism.

The course is approximately four months lenght, with classes held during the weekend and divided into modules.
Every month you can attend the introductory seminar to begin flight activity, choosing in the months after the matters to be attended to complete the course.

The lessons follow a rolling plan throughout the year, so you will have the opportunity to attend seminars several times more important.

Obtaining Private Pilot License is subject to passing a theory test quiz, to be upheld in a place of management Airport (Verona, Venice, Bologna, Milan-Linate) and an examination in flight with examiner.

The activity includes a minimum of 45 flying hours.

From this year with Italfly you may obtain financing and learn to fly from 390 € per month for a private helicopter pilot license (PPL-H) and from 245 € per month for the private pilot license airplane (PPL-A).

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